Indian Travels

In August we traveled to Delhi then over to Jaipur. I’ve never been to India before and it was an experience of a life time that I won’t forget in a hurry.

The first thing that caught my attention was the extremes, from the richness of the 5 star hotels and diplomatic enclave to shocking poverty of the slums.

Next was Jaipur, the desert city, is known as the pink city but it quickly becomes apparent pink isn’t the only colour  in abundance, from the food to the textiles, to monkeys and camels that wander through the streets, I dont think I’ve ever been to a crazier place.Image

Any way…Take a look tell me what you think

April & the Teenagers Are Busy…

Nice Easter in Crete…. I put up some pictures. I liked the doors in the old town, don’t know why I just did.

Back at work now, most people say the first term is the hardest… I disagree. It’s this term that always makes my head spin. The students have coursework deadlines and exams which mean the staff have verification deadlines, revision sessions and more nagging than is ever anything but depressing!


Anyway here’s a picture of the cats… Monty should really have bigger feet, his feet are massive!


Its March 2012, I’m nearly 31 and I haven’t updated this for a long time.Image

I still have managed to avoid being in Cheshire life, although moving to Didsbury has moved me worryingly close. I still have Tusqua and now have a tall grey man and a dopey ginger cat called Monty as well. Its thank to them I now reside in South Manchester.


I still find things that the epilepsy guide books don’t warn you about but have manged to stay upright a while now and I also managed to get and keep a job teaching photography and media at Salford College. The photography teaching isn’t such a surprise but me teaching media is slightly entertaining as I don’t really have very little interest in technology that isn’t attached to my Nikon or can make me a cup of tea.

I will try to update this more…

Hello world!

There are many reasons why I shouldn’t be allowed on the internet as I like to spend my time watching cat videos and Pugs in fancy dress…

But I now have a site to write all the strange things that fill my head and share my photos and design work, which is quite nice.

I live in Manchester  with my adopted cat Tusqua. My friends are saints to tolerate me, while my cat is irritable, attention seeking and two tins of Whiskers off being obese.

My aims in life include not becoming one of “those people”, never appearing in Cheshire Life and never relocating down South.

My hobbies include taking more photos than a Japanese tourist, cooking and come dine with me, wine (any colour is acceptable) chocolate milk, cheese and avoiding the general public (especially on public transport).

I also love visiting new places but find flying disturbing, but not as disturbing as clowns, feet and creatures used as weapons in Bond films.

About me

I have a 2:1 BA hons in Design & Art Direction which is combination of graphics, advertising and photography design and an MA in Art as Environment which focused on producing art and design which is a direct result of the surrounding environment for example Photographic Psychogeography projects and art which interacted with the urban and rural Environment. This included research into aspects of community engagement and using the environment as a means of artistic inspiration and how this can encourage people to protect their environment.

I’ve been a practicing freelance photographer and community arts facilitator for a little over 7 years and a teacher for almost 9. I’ve  worked in colleges, schools, libraries, parks,  hospitals and at Her Majesties Pleasure trying to turn the public ( & incarcerated) arty…

I’m currently teaching AS Photography, AS Media & B-tech Media at Salford College. I love the teaching but am hating the commute!